Burmese Cultural Food

What are the cultural food in Myanmar (Burma)? There are amazing food that symbolize who they really are and that bind them as one culture. The way they cook their food is not sophisticated way because they create cook their food over the fireĀ  and that they bake breads for their precious loved ones by burning wood because they are living in simplicity.


This type of food is one of the most loved noodle soup in Myanmar. Children love the fishes, lentils, a little vegetables that would make it very tasty. perhaps this can be their national staple breakfast.

Mandalay Mee Shay

Rice noodles and meat sauce would make the family healthy. A family would love to eat this especially when they are complete because this can symbolize the family ties.

Tea Leaf Salad

This is the national leaf salad of Burmese. There is no occasion that would be celebrated without this leaf salad. The leaf is bitter but for Myanmar people, bitterness is its sweet taste.

Shan Rice Noodles

Rice noodles are among the most eaten food in Burma since this is the cultural food of Shan, one of the biggest tribe in Myanmar.

Well, just like other nations, they also eat luxurious foods like chicken, pork, fishes using variety of cuisine style. Agricultural foods are the main source of their living since they depend on agricultural crops for cheaper living. They also have piggery and poultry as a source of their income so that they could send their children to school.