Burmese Exotic Culture

Myanmar, just like other culture, has its own culture too. There are amazing cultures that can be found in Myanmar. It is believed that they are the descendants of Mongolians since Mongolians descended to the country Burma, Myanmar today.

Here are their amazing cultures that we see in the nation.

Balloon Flight

Ballon Flight is already a pleasure for Burmese since not all can go for balloon flight. Once people see a ballon flight, everybody would yearn to try because they want to experience floating in the air which is more than using a plane for flight.

Ladies Stretching their neck

The only place where women stretch their neck through the rings that they brace around their neck. For them this a form of art. Young and old of Padaung practice this culture though not all do it. This is their symbol as a unique place in the area.

White paints on women’s facesĀ  (Thanaka)

There is a white paint in women’s faces, why? White paints in their face actually protects their skin from harmful effects of the environment to their skin. This is a natural mark on their faces in order to protect their beauty.

Serving Buddha

Regrading Buddha as their deity, they serve him in his altar that they made for him, they praise him, offers food in his altar and others. There are many statue of Buddha around the city because they believe that Buddha is the most protective deity and that without Buddha, they will never go to a new life.