The 10 facts about the life of the founder of Buddhism

For many people who have no knowledge about Buddhism, they do not know much also about the founder of this religion that has its influence in many countries. The population of the believer is very large and it is one of the top religion in the world. There are people who do not know even the basic facts about the founder of the religion itself. I just know some also before traveling to this beautiful country.

After my travel, I came to know more about it as you cannot escape the statues and temples and the Buddha influence in this country. The video above will help you to understand about the life of the founder who is a royal prince that should be the future king in the country of Nepal. He was born in that country and has a royal status and it was his father’s dream to make him king but destiny has another purpose for him webpage link. He rather became the Enlightened and established the religion of Buddhism giving his own teachings and practices that many devoted followers are now practicing and learning.

He decided to live as a saint according to the prediction made when he was still young when he saw the reality of the life he was not able to see for many years of his life staying only inside the palace. When he finally received enlightenment, he began teaching and shared it with people. Now it is a worldwide religion that covers continents.