Buddhism: National Religion of Myanmar (Burma)

What is the national religion of Myanmar? Ninety percent of Burmese adhere to Theravada Buddhism that was passed on to them from generation to generation. Monks are most numerous in this country compared to other Buddhist countries. Buddhism was first introduced in Bagan in the early 11th century by a king who first accepted Theravada Buddhism from the neighboring kingdom, for his enlightenment. He passed this practice to succeeding kings and so this became the official religion of Myanmar.Two major practices must be gone through by leaders or monks:

Merit making and vipasanna. Merit making is the process of living a pure and good life to lead you to enlightenment and reincarnation to next life. Vipasana which in general means they should avoid pleasure on this earth because this will lead them to bad luck. They must be contented in everything that they have so that they will reap a good life after earthly life.When you go to Myanmar, you will notice that their life is so simple and the country is not rich.

However, if you see arts, architectural designs around the city, you will see that they are in almost perfect in submission to their deity. They never neglect serving their deity because they defy themselves if they their deity itself. It is also seen in their religious festivals that they keep and celebrate. In Myanmar, Thingyan is their yearly festival to serve Buddha that would take 4-5 days in the month of April. It is not too much to say that they save up for a year for Buddha.