How to Get Married in Myanmar

Marriage is a special day of all people on this earth. Marriage gives people happiness at first. If the couples can live their life to the point of death together, very good. In fact, marriage costs a lot of money. So make it worth until the end. Marriage wedding in Myanmar is not different to other culture’s marriage. When a man and woman fall in love with each other, and they want to marry, they must take the consent of the bride’s parents.

They must be registered by law that they will marry. So they have to go to registration. In the wedding ceremony, the bride must be adorned with her most beautiful dress and brilliant jewels. The family must help her for this. In some cases, the bride’s every finger wears a ring, a symbol of elegant bride. Groom must be presenting her a gift, suppose to be very expensive as a bridal gift. There will be upcoming feasts and celebrations for the bride and the bride groom usually conducted in a bride’s residence.

If these couples have no house to stay in for independence, they can stay in the bride’s residence until they are ready to separate from their parent’s roof. Usually, this takes two to three years of dependence from parents. Fixed marriage are common in Myanmar. Fix marriage is not dangerous because couples can learn to stay together, although not all fix marriages is successful. Marriage is something that is bound by love in order to survive.