The top 10 countries with the large Buddhist population

The religion of Buddhism spread already to the whole world. It did not just remain to where it was founded but it has scattered its influence into the whole world. Many popular celebrities and personalities are also Buddhists in religion. It is not really restricted to a particular race but whoever wants to be converted can be one. Many countries who are purely Buddhists have been already mixed with other religions as their teachings also are to find people who can believe in their teachings.

The video above contains the top ten countries who are populated with a large number of Buddha believers. The first country in the list but with the rank of number ten is the country of Malaysia, a nation with mixed of tribes. The next country is where the founder of the religion lived and where he established the religion that is India. The next country is the South Korea who has a population of 11,050,000 believers. They have their own version of Buddhism when the monks found fault with the original teaching so they made changes to it. See this agency service. Open this blog link for more. Have your visa process here directly.

The next country is Cambodia followed by Vietnam with over fourteen million of the population. The number five in rank is the country of Sri Lanka which about 70% of the population is Buddhists. Next in rank as the fourth is Myanmar and then Thailand as number three and visit this agency to help you travel here,台胞證照片. The second country with the largest population of Buddhists is Japan and then followed by the country of China with a population of 244,130,000 believers.