The top 10 tourists destinations in Asia(East and Southeast countries)

Even if this website is created to showcase about the country of Myanmar, let us also take some time to visit some of its neighbors by giving you the list of the top ten travel destinations located in Asia. The same continent where the country of Myanmar is located. You will be able to encourage to visit them also if you have net been there already. With the help of the video below, let us see the top ten Asian countries as travel destinations.

In the video, the number ten in rank is the Philippines that recorded tourists going there with a number of 3.5 million. You can see the different travel destinations that most tourists visit when they go there. The rice terraces or the beaches that they boast of. The country of Vietnam is higher than the Philippines when it comes to tourists arrivals as they have a number of 5.4 million and they have Ha Long Bay as one of their travel destinations. Process your visa to renew now get redirected here 泰雅旅遊 . Next is the country of Taiwan with a number of six million.

The next country is Indonesia with 7.6 number of travelers. They have the Cartenz Pyramid you can visit. Next country is Japan with 8.9 million of travelers. The famous city is Tokyo. The number five is South Korea and then the country of Singapore. Even if it is lacking in land area bit it has its own power and catches in the tourism industry. The number one in the list is the country of China. Best to travel here when you apply your visa in this travel agency located here official site A long lasting service for travel is the one that most customers are looking for in this company.